Becoming an Apprentice

In this article we will be talking about why you might want to opt for a blue collared trade job instead of getting something that requires a college degree, with a special focus on becoming an electrician. You will find that becoming a trade apprentice is actually a really lucrative deal and that you can benefit quite a bit from it.

Now the first reason you might want to consider this. The fact of the matter is that while the ceilings for the pay check you receive for your job is much higher for people who have gone to college and then gotten a desk job, that ceiling is only ever reached by a few individuals that are a miniscule population of college grads. Quite frankly, if you take out the averages and compare them, you are going to make just as much with a trade job, if not more, as you would if you have gone to college. For the majority part of it, the job you have will not lead to you becoming CEO or raking in millions unless you are well connected and belong to a few legacy families. If you end up in the average pool of college graduates then you are going to have to worry about student loan repayments and still earn as much as a job as an electrician would have gotten you.

Talking more in depth about electricians, you can take courses for the training and help out by becoming an apprentice in the trade. This entire training will take you about 1 year and at the end of that you could become a full fledged electrician and start earning. The electrician courses will not cost you a lot to take and the job market is especially secure for specialized labor like electricians.