Rough Driving? Get Your Suspension Checked

If you ever get a chance, go to the desert safari in Dubai at least once in your life. There’s no experience like riding over rough sand dunes in the middle of desert and feeling your body move freely along with the car every time it drives over a rough dune. It is basically off-roading at its finest. However, if this sounds like a normal driving experience for you in your car, either driving might not be your strongest point, or there is something wrong with your car.

Regardless of how small your car may be, it should still be able to absorb shocks while driving to some extent. The part of your car that is responsible for absorbing shocks and ensuring a smoother drive is the suspension. As your car progressively gets older, some of its parts will start deteriorating, including the suspension. The suspension of your does tend to go through wear and tear overtime, this is further escalated if you drive through rough terrains or bumpy roads regularly.

The most obvious way to tell that something is wrong with your suspension is if the quality of your car ride changes. So, if you notice that your car isn’t moving as smoothly or is reacting to rough roads more aggressively compared to how it first used to drive, there is a problem with the suspension. Secondly, if you notice a resistance when your car is turning which may or may not be accompanied by a squeaking sound, it means there is some problem in your suspension. Bottom line is that if you notice a decline in the quality of your driving, there is a problem with your suspension. You can check with the experts at West Coast Suspension in order to ensure quality service.

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