Choosing LED Grow Lights

If you have recently made the decision of joining the growing business, and have started with your first or second batch, the chances that you are unsatisfied with your result is very high. Growing cannabis is a lot easier said than done because you want to make sure that your plant is getting enough nutrition, water and light in order to get a more potent and bigger yield.

Indoor growing was once a very difficult job, but thanks to modern innovation, it has gotten easier since you can get the right nutrition products and LED growth lights which can simulate a good environment for optimum growth. Now if you want to learn more about LED grow lights and how to choose the right ones, you can keep on reading below.

  • If you want an investment to pay off, you need to be able to spend money on the best material. So, you want a LED setup that is sturdy, long-lasting and has at least 6-8 year warranty. Similarly, the bulbs you use should also be of the highest grade.
  • You will be using the growth lights for around 8-11 hours a day, so you want something that has a good output and at the same time, would not put a heavy burden on your electricity bill. 300W is the minimum requirement of the total unit output.
  • LED growth lights do not produce a lot of heat, however, bigger panels can alter the growth environment and that is something to be avoided. What you can do instead is opt for panels that have an inbuilt cooling system, preventing excessive heat output.
  • Your LED growth light should have a higher spectrum of red light as well as blue light since both of them aim to promote greener and healthier looking plants.