Found Replacement for Clorox Wipes!

Back in April I mentioned that all of my cleaning products are made by Seventh Generation, except for the fact that I still use Clorox Wipes. I readily admitted that while I know are clorox wipes toxic are chalk full of chemical toxins that are not good for us or the environment, I was not ready to stop using them yet as I was a total sucker for the convenience of them, and had not found a suitable replacement. Yet.

Well that has now changed! I was at the supermarket earlier, and noticed that Seventh Generation now makes disinfecting wipes. Woo hoo! I know it makes me a nerd, but I was so excited! I am so happy that I do not have to give up one of my favorite cleaning tools. Their wipes are made from botanically pure plant extracts, and they do not contain any VOC-emitting ingredients. They are scented with lemongrass & thyme oil. Ingredients include: Thymol (component of thyme oil), oregano oil, blue atlas cedar bark oil, lemon peel oil, lemongrass oil, lemon fruit extract, and orange bergamot mint leaf extract.

But the best part is, these wipes are “powered by CleanWell”. A few months ago, I wrote about CleanWell. They make an all-natural hand sanitizer that I like. It does not contain alcohol or Benzalkonium chloride. Instead, it contains thyme oil, which is a naturally occurring antimicrobial. Well these wipes use that same ingredient. They are said to kill 99.99% of germs, botanically. They are effective against Influenza, the common cold, MRSA, Staph, Salmonella, and a few other bacterium. All the grimy little germs you want killed!