Getting a Punching Bag: How It Benefitted Me

Growing up as a teenager, I was often teased about my anger outbursts or how I would absolutely melt down at times when things got really overwhelming for me. Of course they weren’t really in the wrong, I did have a tendency to get physically aggressive, so throwing things, punching the walls, and breaking stuff was actually not foreign to me during my anger fits. I also developed an anxiety problem around the time, which still persists to this day. The anxiety would leave me confused, tired and I would struggle with grounding myself.

I met a therapist and things started getting better for me, one recommendation I got was to start exercising, however, that wasn’t as effective when it came to my aggression. This was when I bought myself a punching bag. It initially started out as a joke, but soon it developed into a habit that ended up changing a lot of things about me for the better.

When we get angry, we get an overdose of different endorphins, as well as adrenaline, giving us a literal “burst” of energy that causes a sensory overload in us. This is where punching bags came in for me, so every time I was having a particularly bad day, I would wear my gloves and work that energy off through the punching bag. This way I ended up channeling my anger in a healthier way that didn’t cause any harm to myself or those around me. For my case, it also helped with my anxiety since I have to be careful of my posture and positioning when punching, so this intense focus on what I am doing ended up helping to ground myself. If you are interested in getting a punching bag for yourself, you should look up online, in fact you can find the best free standing punching bag here.