How to Choose Your Air Purifier

It might surprise a lot of people when they learn that the quality of the air they breathe indoors is not any better off than the air we breathe once outdoors. In some cases, the quality of our indoor air can even be worse than the outdoor air, contributing to a number of airborne bacteria related problems and illnesses like respiratory issue. Of course you can start off by making some changes in your lifestyle by introducing ventilation fans in your home, vacuuming regularly, allowing for ventilations etc.

If you are still dealing with issues, you should opt for an air purifier. Now there are a number of websites like airpurifierzone that offer different models along with reviews, however, when you have so many options to choose from, it can get confusing, we have compiled a few things for you to consider.

  • Not only do you have to consider the price of air purifier alone, you also need to consider other operational and maintenance costs. This includes the electrical cost and the cost of air filters. Carbon filters will need to be changed every 3 months, while the expensive HEPA filters need to be changed annually. It is instead recommended to opt for air purifiers that have filters which are washable and can be used again rather than replaced and thrown away.
  • Air purifiers tend to be a little noisy which can be problematic in case of bedrooms and areas where you need to focus on work. So, instead of opting for the smaller and louder ones, go for a bigger air purifier and keep it at a lowered setting for minimal disturbance and noise.
  • Look for features like a timer and dirt sensor. The timer will make the purifier work in a scheduled time and dust/dirt sensor will allow the air purifier to adjust its fan depending on the amount of dust and dirt in the air.