How to Get The Complete Netflix Experience

If you live in Netherlands, you’re one of the thousands of people who waited for so, so long for Netflix to be made available to you in your country. In late 2013, we got Netflix in Netherlands and we were very happy with all that it had to offer us; we got a huge selection of movies and shows available to us in HD for very cheap and even in Dutch language! It was great to have one of the best video on demand services available in our country but some of us weren’t too happy.

Anyone who’s had the chance to enjoy Netflix in America would immediately be able to tell the differences between Netflix USA and Netflix anywhere else in the world. Yes, we get a huge selection of shows, movies and documentaries but it’s not as great as it is in America. In USA, Netflix is a cultural phenomenon that people cannot live without. Just like how everyone these days has a Facebook, in America, everyone either has their own Netflix accounts or are sharing them with someone.

Americans live and breathe the seasons they watch and as much as we love American seasons all over the world, we’re only able to see some of the more popular ones. In USA, you get so many more original Netflix seasons that you can binge watch in single sittings. However, to be able to get access to these seasons and movies that are exclusive to Netflix USA, you need to connect to American servers. You can learn more about how to do this at This may sound a little techy but if you follow the instructions, you can very easily learn how to get into Netflix USA from your home in Netherlands. Happy watching!