Silent in The House

A lot of chatter happens in a silent auction, so you might have wondered why it’s called silent in the first place. Usually it’s because they are held without an auctioneer but there are times when it’s possible that an auctioneer is present. However, unlike usual auction houses the auctioneer probably won’t be calling out the highest bid. In a silent auction, the bids are placed on bid sheets that are dedicated to particular products or categories and everyone fills them out and places their bids on them. Later theses sheets are examined with the auctioneer, if any is present, announcing the winner to pay for their spoils.

They make for an enjoyable addition to other events as well since they don’t require people yelling at the top of their lungs. A regular auction house can see a lot of these chaos, but the atmosphere is also different. It’s fun for some people to get to see the winners after outbidding all of the opposition and the participants themselves get to know the current bid and decide themselves whether they have the financial position to outbid the current highest bidder. The auctioneer on the stage will stirring most of the commotion as well.

Calling out the current highest and making everyone feel alive is a part of their job description after all. For those that enjoy it, it’s a lot of fun to see who gets to win and who loses out. Silent auctions however require bid sheets and only the highest bid isn’t known in real time. You can check out templates on elseviersocialsciences for the different kinds of silent auction bid sheets that exist, though they can be very different from each other they are always straightforward with each sheet dedicated to some product or some category.