Small Weddings: Why They Are Just As Good

We have all secretly planned our weddings from a very young age. For some of us it could be a passing thought, while some people might have mapped out every little detail over the years and just stored it in the back of their head. Of course once you finally get engaged and it is actually time for you to start preparing for the wedding, you might realize how some of the details might be a little too luxurious or elaborate or even unnecessary. It could be things like having a destination wedding, or getting a massive centerpiece with specific kinds of flowers or a certain menu type etc.

Of course there isn’t anything wrong with these things, however, if you feel like you cannot do those kind of things, you can just opt for a smaller wedding. You can find plenty of small wedding venues in Essex open for bookings.

Having a smaller wedding isn’t really something to feel bad about, it just means you want a more intimate gathering with only the few that matter. By choosing to forgo flashy venues, decorations and other accessories, you are choosing simplicity which is always a nice way to start your marriage. Plus, weddings are expensive and you don’t really want to kick things off with a heavy dent on you and your partner’s savings. The money you save by not spending on your wedding can be put to good use like paying for a honeymoon or making an important payment. Ultimately, the entire point of a wedding is to celebrate a union between two people and you get to choose what manner of celebration will make you happier in the long run. So, selective people in a smaller venue can be just as valid and important than a grander celebration.