Watching Shows Without Netflix

Ever since Netflix became famous, it has become a worldwide phenomenon, with up to 87 million subscribers worldwide. We can all count at least 2-4 people in our friend circle that happen to use the service. Netflix basically allows you to choose from and watch thousands of movies and TV shows on their website in HD as long as you are subscribed to the service and have stable internet connection. Since so many shows and movies are readily available at Netflix, people end up spending hours at a time watching them without even realizing it simply because of how readily accessible and convenient it is, so you can watch Netflix on your television, your laptop, tablet and even your phone.

Of course, not all of us happen to have Netflix, because not all of us have the money to be paying another bill every month along with the many others we have to pay. However, you should not feel compelled to buy a Netflix subscription because there are still ways to go about watching your favorite shows and movies without Netflix.

I am not going to tell you to buy CDs because that means buying a CD players, and who even buys CDs anymore? At the end of the day, those cost you money as well. So, your next option is to look for websites that let you stream shows, and thankfully there are quite a few. 123 movies is an example of one of those websites where you can watch multiple shows and movies in HD for free. There is an option to become a member, however, you can also choose to watch as a guest. So, you do not really have to worry about missing out just because you do not have Netflix because streaming is another way to go.