What Does a Model Cash Home Buying Company Look Like?

According to our research, many people do not even know what a cash home buying company is so we have taken it on ourselves to explain to our reader about it in detail. We will be taking the example of PDX Renovations which is a Portland based company and an interesting piece of information about the company is that they not only purchase houses, they actually later invest in the houses to upgrade them. We are taking the example of this company because we consider it a model example as they protect their client’s privacy and if you cannot hire this company then you should look for a company just like it and if you find one then you can be assured that you will get a good price for your property fast and you would be able to sell house quickly Oregon.

High Rating

You would not be surprised by PDX Renovations professionalism once you find out that they have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau and the rating is A+. The accreditation is the only sign a seller needs to know that they are genuine which is why they have a long history with past sellers.


The company is not an official moving company but if one of the sellers ever require help in moving, they always provide it as their purpose is to help the seller as much as possible.

Top Dollar

The company quotes the right price for the seller’s house and it is based on the condition of the house and the legal situation.

Immediate Cash

If the seller wants, the company closes immediately and provides the cash to the seller in no time which is why they are so famous.